Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Worksets were a wonderful idea back in the day. You could partition the project up into chunks (‘worksets’), and several people could work in the same file at the same time (‘worksharing’) as long as they all worked in different chunks. Great feature.

Now that Revit has element borrowing, worksets are hardly ever needed for worksharing.

But that hasn’t stopped us press-ganging them into use for all sorts of other purposes:

  • Locking up grids and levels (lock out the workset as ‘admin’)
  • Partial loading (close the worksets you’re not using)
  • Partial loading of linked files (close worksets in a linked model)
  • Controlling visibility (hide a workset in a view)

Such a wide range of misuses, showing such ingenuity. But all would be better served by purpose-designed features rather than by the poor abused workset.

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