Sunday, 22 May 2011

(Sub)components 2

So I’m designing a brick cavity wall. The brick face has a stretcher-bond surface pattern, which I’ve aligned accurately. But when I come to draw the details, I have to position repeating details to show the bricks and mortar joints.

Wait a minute, I’ve told Revit I’m using brickwork. I’ve told it how the joints are aligned. Why can’t Revit work out where the bricks are in the detail?

How would it be if, following on from Friday’s post, you could define the brick bond in terms of sub-components and not just as a simple surface pattern?

Then the brickwork could come alive. Walls could snap to brick dimensions. Openings could clip into place. All the cavity wall hardware (weep holes, wall ties, cavity trays, lintels, etc.) could auto-generate.You could project or contrast-colour individual bricks to create daiper patterns.

Yes, perhaps not on today’s hardware. But by 2020, why not?

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