Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Native DWG handling

DWG format is going to be used for years. Many of our partners don’t use Revit and never will: It’s just not appropriate for many specialist sub-contractors for example.

But we need to bring their DWGs into Revit. So Revit needs to handle DWGs seamlessly.

It shouldn’t be hard. AutoCAD handles DWG data pretty well. Autodesk own the AutoCAD code. Those of us with Revit Suites already have the AutoCAD code installed. Revit’s code ‘just’ needs to talk nicely to AutoCAD’s.

Oh, and how about seamless in-place editing of DWGs in a Revit session? For an example, just look at how you can embed an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document (Insert/Object/Excel). Double-click the Excel sheet to edit it in-place, and the toolbars and ribbons all change to Excel ones.

Imagine taking the same approach with AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Max, etc: Use the most appropriate set of tools for the job in hand, within one fluid interface.

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