Friday, 13 May 2011

Favourite Views

You can sort and filter views and sheets in the project browser.

How about being able to select some ‘favourite views’ and have them grouped together at the top of the browser?

Better still, have several sets of favourite views, so you can have different sets for different purposes? One set for editing facades, one for cores, one for rooms, and so on.

The closest you can get to this at the moment is to create print sets (using Selected views/sheets in the Print dialog), and then create a browser organisation for each print set, using the print set as a filter (thanks to this thread for that tip).

But it would be better if the print sets were just listed in the project browser. Add in drag/drop add-a-view-to-a-set and right-click access to the print sets dialog box, and you’d have a winning feature.

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