Thursday, 11 August 2011


We want quality models. A basic rule for quality processes is to determine the root causes of defects. Once you’ve found the root cause, you can change things to (try and) prevent the problem happening again (the oft-misunderstood preventative action)

So when we find a problem in the Revit model, I’d like to know how it happened. But Revit’s infuriatingly opaque. It won’t reveal its sources.

Revit knows who changed the elements. It knows when the changes were committed to the file. We’re not short of disk space (well we are, but that’s another story), so I can allow Revit to keep the full file history. But I just would like to be able to call up the version of the file from a date in the past, and then ask ‘what happened to this element between then and now?’

Then I could find out why the change was made, and change things to try and avoid the problem in the future.

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